Alnoda Hub is a library of portable, containerized workspaces and workspace applications.


Welcome to the Alnoda Hub!
Here, we register an array of flexible, easily adaptable workspaceces and workspace applications, that can meet diverse project requirements
Unique workspaces.
Craft a personalized workspace that aligns perfectly with your unique project. Choose from hundreds of applications available in the Alnoda Hub and extend each workspace with the apps you need.
Workspace without hassle.
Customizing a Docker image for a containerized workspace with multiple applications can be challenging. With Alnoda Hub, it's easy! No Docker expertise required.
Ready to get started?
Whether you're engaged in software development, DevOps, analytics, or data engineering, Dockerized workspaces offer the convenience and power to support your work.


// get started with popular programming languages

// add to you workspace or start with the ready one

// keep all your dependencies isolated


Alnoda Hub houses a wide variety of applications, ranging from CLI applications to those with web-based user interfaces You can explore and select from an extensive range of options, including code editors, integrated development environments (IDEs), git utilities, shells, Linux desktops, databases, version managers, notebooks, bookmark managers, benchmarking utilities, dashboards, note-taking applications, code snippet boxes, job schedulers, WYSIWYG html editors, visual script runners, uptime monitors, machine learning tools, coding frameworks, build tools, cloud infrastructure utilities, database administration tools, and even games!

personal dashboards
$ personal dashboards
data visualisation
$ data visualization
$ awesome terminal apps
pm2 monitor
$ Linux desktops
$ integrated developmet environments (IDE)
$ SQL query and admin tools
$ Git UI
$ ML tools
$ code and text editors
$ data & ML pipeline tools

$ Run --with docker

Workspaces are containerized and isolated in Docker containers. This allows you to manage workspaces just like any other Docker container: starting, stopping, pushing, pulling, copying, moving, creating custom or backup images, and running them locally or in the cloud.

# start alnoda workspace
docker run --name workspace-1 -d -p 8020-8040:8020-8040 --restart=always alnoda-workspace:latest

Alnoda workspaces abstract away the complexities of Docker while retaining its benefits. This makes it an good choice for running containerized development environments effectively.


Running third-party applications within workspace Docker containers enhances security.


Containerized workspace operates independently without impacting other environments.


Workspaces can be transferred between PCs and shared with others through registries.